Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Mason is One Month!

I cannot believe my sweet boy is a whole month.  He has brought so much joy to our lives and has already taught me so many lessons mostly about patience and about focusing on what is important in life.  Having two kids does not give you enough time to focus on what is not important so that has been a blessing! 

Nicknames: Mase, Boo bear, Masey pants. I make them up as I go!
Weight: 9.16 pounds
Length: 21 inches

Sleep: He has slept like a champ!  He usually wakes up around midnight, 3 am, and then again around 5 am.  So basically just twice a night because by that third time, I just stay up for the day.  The last two days he has slowed down on the sleeping and has been up more during the daytime.

Health:  No health issues other than a diaper rash.  He had a diaper rash for a week and a half so we took him in to see the pediatrician.  It did not look like a normal rash and the Desitin was not clearing the area around his anus.  It kind of looked like it was eating away at his skin.  It ended up being from the acid in his poop and they gave us a prescription. 

Diet: Mason is a greedy little boy.  I quick breastfeeding as I mentioned in a previous post and we started him on 2 ounces every two to three hours and they quickly advanced to three and then four ounces.  He has not cried much but when he does, it is when he is hungry and gets impatient quick if he does not get that bottle asap!

Loves:  He loves to be talked to.  I made the mistake of standing up with him and bouncing him to put him to sleep and now he loves that.

Dislikes: When you make him wait to eat.

Best Moments: Seeing him and Chloe together.  Also, I was talking to him one day and this little boy had the nerve to coo and laugh.  I do not remember Chloe doing either that early or maybe my memory is off but I was so surprised.  A baby laugh is the cutest thing and I about died!

Worst Moment: From day one when we came home with Mason, he has been a shitting and pissing fool and the first couple weeks, I got shit and pissed on more times than I can count.  One day I was changing him and he pissed on me twice and shit on me twice in that one sitting and then as I was cleaning my hands, Chloe comes in the bathroom and peed on the floor!  All I could do was laugh!  After I got them and the floor all cleaned up, I completely forgot to clean myself and change my shirt until like 20 minutes later!  It is funny though how their pee and poop does not phase me or gross me out.  


  1. Mason is SO cute! Glad he's a good sleeper and good eater! I never got grossed out by pee or poop, but Tim would gag over poop or spit up. LOL - men!!

    1. Thank you! I know, the best two things I can ask for! Haha...pre diapers only for Time for baby #2!

  2. Happy 1 month birthday, Mason. Okay – so he was born on April 25th? And my Mason is May 25th. So awesome. What a cutie he is.

  3. Ah, yes, the poosplosions. Definitely remember those vividly ;) I love your philosophy that there's only time to focus on the really important stuff. So true when you have a newborn, even more so if you've got a toddler too. Mason is adorable. He looks so dignified for a newborn.