Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Memorial Day Weekend Photo Bomb

 This weekend was a good one and I know Chloe had too much fun if that is possible for her!  We started off the weekend with my cousin Amaya's birthday party at Mercury Gymnastics on Saturday and then my cousin Shana and I cooked dinner for the family to  celebrate my momma's last chemo treatment.  We also had me niece Adrianna over for a sleepover and then celebrated Memorial Day on Monday at Eric's dads house with a cookout. Chloe loves being around other kids and her cousins so she was loving every second especially since we have not been able to get out as much since her brother has been born.  Here are some pics of our weekend...

My crew. Apparently I need a crew while doing my makeup.

 Happy Birthday Amaya!

 Obviously being a baby is hard.
 These two getting wrinkled in their Pop's hot tub.

My sweet, sweet babies.  These two pics are the epitome of a brother and sister relationship!

And of course thank you to those who have and are currently serving our country and their families as they serve as well.  We are free because of the brave!

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  1. I take a little blogging break and suddenly you have a baby! He's adorable. I love the sibling photos. Such a handsome little guy and Chloe looks like the best big sis. And yay for your mom's last chemo treatment! Definitely a cause for celebration :)