Tuesday, May 17, 2016

The Best Moments

I was going to call this post, "The Best and Worst Moments" but as corny as it sounds, even the hard and trying moments are the best because at least I have a reason to have those moments and the reason is my babies.  Eric went back to work after two weeks so this last week was my first week on my own with my kiddos and it was a busy one for sure.  Patience has been tested, anxiety is high but I am enjoying every moment.  Some moments stand out more than others.

-There was the time when we I changed Mason as soon as we got home from the hospital and I got peed on for the first time.  Changing a boy is much different from a girl and I even made Eric change Mason the first time at the actual hospital but not once did he show me his waterfall pee skills.  I guess he was waiting until we got home to show it off  or mark his territory.  If he is not peeing  on me, his face, or the walls, he is shitting all over. 
-There was also that day that RIGHT after he pooped and peed twice all over while I was changing him, Chloe peed on herself and the floor.

-We gave him his first bath and he hated it.  He does not cry unless he is hungry and I wouldn't really call it a cry. more like a wine but he did not like the bath at all.

-Chloe  has been wearing multiple dresses, shoes, socks, hats, etc. everyday.  She even accessorized with gloves one day.  Six out of seven days of the week, we have been cooped up in the house so I have been letting Chloe pick out her outfit most days.

Here she wanted a bun like Milan and a pretty dress so she could sing along to the movie.

-She also has been saying the sweetest things.  She says things like...  
"We are family,"
"You are the best mom ever!"
"Can I help you make family dinner?"
"Mason is so amazing!"
"I just want to touch him!"
"Ohana means family. Family means nobody gets left behind."  (If you have seen "Lilo and Stitch", you have heard this!)

-We had Mason's two week checkup and he is now 8.4 lbs.

-We went on our first walk.

-I quit breastfeeding.  I was really heartbroken about this,  I quit with Chloe and was  so upset I had to quit with her so I really wanted to make it happen with Mason,  We could not get down the latch and I had a breakdown on the 5th day and I just couldn't get through the pain.  I had a day where I was really down on myself but Eric was super supportive and I eventually got over it.

-I forgot how nerve wracking it is to have a newborn.  I am always checking to make sure his little tummy is moving up and down and the newborn breathing freaks me out!

-It is so easy to forget just how miraculous life is but when you carry and deliver your own child, you are reminded just how amazing the development of life is.  Just the way our bodies know exactly what to do and how every piece is formed is really amazing.  To basically grow a human is something I will always be amazed of.  This time around, I have not been as hard on myself as far as my body even though I have more stretch marks and still have 25 lbs to lose because I am proud of what it did!

-I am better at juggling two kid than I thought I would be,  Mason has made it easy on me and I can imagine it get harder once he is mobile but I am pretty good at this!  It has been challenging but the reason I think I am adjusting to it pretty well is because of all the love I have for my children and as a momma, you just do what needs to be done without a thought because the babies come first!
He is too cool in this pic!


  1. So many great moments and cute pictures! Chloe seems like such a great big sister! Don't be hard on yourself for quitting breastfeeding. It is SO much harder than I ever imagined. It's the one thing I'm seriously dreading with baby #2. It was so, so painful with Mila. I quit with her at about 3 weeks I think, but I ended up exclusively pumping. I don't know if I could EP with a newborn and a 3 year old though! Glad to hear the transition to two kids has been better than expected! I'm terrified myself, so hearing that is a bit of a comfort!

    1. Thank you for your kind words on breastfeeding. Hearing it from another mom really makes me feel better on it! It is so much harder than you think and I wish there was more talk on it with your doctor before you go into labor. Hopefully it is easier to where you don't have to EP because that would be a lot of work like you said! I am glad that made you feel better, I was def terrified as well. I am not gonna lie, it can be overwhelming but after the first few days, it just becomes your new reality and you just do it!

  2. The picture of Chloe with her hair in a bun looks just like a mini you!!! Im so glad to read everything is going well! The adjustment period is different for everyone so its comforting to hear youre good. Dont be down on yourself for not nursing, your baby will thrive regardless. Take care Kasey!

    1. Thank you! Everyone says she looks like Eric and people are starting to say she looks like me now and makes me so happy! Thank you, I appreciate you saying that about the nursing. I am starting to come to terms with it and you are right, I know he will thrive as he would with breast milk!