Tuesday, June 28, 2016

SAHM Chronicles

I am officially a stay at home mom.  So weird to type.  I have worked since I was 15 so it feels odd that I do not have to work everyday but I am sure getting used to it!  Eric and I decided it just would not make since for me to return.  My mom and his dad switched off taking Chloe but with a baby in the mix, we could not and would not put that on them since they both have health issues.  Daycare would be too expensive and we did not feel comfortable with Mason being so little.  Also, my mom just had surgery and it made me realize just how glad I am I was on maternity leave so I was able to care for her.  So, between taking care of two little ones and my mother, I have been busy for sure.

I decided I want to start posting on my blog like once a week my experiences with it.  There has already been some stories to tell (good and bad).   I knew being a stay at home mom would be hard but rewarding and that is exactly what I have experienced so far.  I feel extremely blessed to be able to do this and get to be there everyday to watch my children grow.  Not a lot of people get a chance to do that so through the tears, tantrums, late nights, and early mornings, I will thank God everyday for the opportunity to be there for them and my mother!  Here are some pics from the last two months since I have been on maternity leave.

 It would not be right if Chloe did not have mismatched PJs she picked on and was hovering over brother.
 Watching Toy Story
 Daddy took Chloe to the park and came back with freshly picked flowers (that were not meant to be picked!) for brother and I.
 Her two priorities. Brother and balancing my phone on brother so she can watch YouTube.
 Fur and tea parties.
Something about a fresh and clean baby.  I wish I could bottle up that smell and make a candle. Weird, I know!

Monday, June 20, 2016

A Father of Two

My sweetheart's first Father's Day of two was a pretty darn good one.  He had to work of course but the time we spent together was pretty perfect.  Even if I do not say it often, a day does not go by that I do not think to myself how blessed I am to have Eric as a partner in this whole parenthood thing!  You can just see his love for his children when he interacts with them and being able to witness it, is really special. I hit the jackpot when it comes to baby daddies! :)

Not only am I blessed to have Eric, I have an amazing father that is there for me at the drop of a dime.  I do not know how I got so lucky and why God chose me to have such awesome men in my life but I do not take it for granted.

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

I Spoke Too Soon

In a blog post, I wrote about how being a mom of two was easier than I thought but I spoke too soon.  Now that Mason is not sleeping as much and wants to be held during those times, I am really beginning to feel what it is like to be a mom of two. 

I thought I was on top of my game.  I was making sure the house was clean, bottles were washed, and all meals were always made but oh how that has changed!  To be honest, I have been getting overwhelmed and at the end of the day, I wonder how I even made it through the day!  I was just thinking to myself last night, "Today is only Monday!" I am not even sure why I thought that because I am still a momma Saturday and Sunday!  I am extremely blessed to have these two miracles and I feel privileged to have such as title as mother but I am just keeping it real folks! 

Showering is something that happens a lot less often and when it does, I always have company and the shower curtain is never closed.  The only me times I get things done are times when I should be sleeping myself.  Me time starts at night and can last all the way until 2 am when the baby is ready to wake again. But just when you think you are ready to pull your hair out, something else gets thrown at you (could be poop or pee) and you conquer it!  I do not know how us moms do it and do it with no sleep at that!

I know my own thinking and mind frame has a lot to do with all the pressure I feel.  I am on a mission to work on that every second of the day.  When I think of all the tasks of the day I need to do mixed with wants, I automatically get overwhelmed so I am going to try to take on one task at a time and then move on to the next.  And if I do not get to them all, the world will not end.  

When Chloe has to go potty or absolutely needs a snack while I am tending to her brothers needs, I will take a deep breath and remember I am a pro at one handed tasks now.  When Mason wakes up on and off for hours throughout the day and wants me to hold him during that whole time, I will take that as time to bond and remember the dishes in the sink are not going to ruin the day.  When Mason cries while I am cooking, I will remember there is a pizza in the freezer if the food burns. 

All the things I am stressing about do not matter.  What matters are these two little humans who rely on me for everything which I knew when I signed on.  The one thing that I will remember and has been getting me through the day is the fact that I am not the only one mothering children.  Hell, my mother did it all on her own.  Being a mom is not for the weak. At the end of the day, all moms should feel like a bad ass for conquering the day and conquering the kiddos!  Even though that feeling will be mixed in with being tired and stressed and you may have remnants of  the kids dinner in your hair and yesterdays clothes on.  Today I will be a bad ass and kick motherhood's butt! 

I just realized I have not put one pic on the post of my little chitlens so here is one or twenty!