Tuesday, June 28, 2016

SAHM Chronicles

I am officially a stay at home mom.  So weird to type.  I have worked since I was 15 so it feels odd that I do not have to work everyday but I am sure getting used to it!  Eric and I decided it just would not make since for me to return.  My mom and his dad switched off taking Chloe but with a baby in the mix, we could not and would not put that on them since they both have health issues.  Daycare would be too expensive and we did not feel comfortable with Mason being so little.  Also, my mom just had surgery and it made me realize just how glad I am I was on maternity leave so I was able to care for her.  So, between taking care of two little ones and my mother, I have been busy for sure.

I decided I want to start posting on my blog like once a week my experiences with it.  There has already been some stories to tell (good and bad).   I knew being a stay at home mom would be hard but rewarding and that is exactly what I have experienced so far.  I feel extremely blessed to be able to do this and get to be there everyday to watch my children grow.  Not a lot of people get a chance to do that so through the tears, tantrums, late nights, and early mornings, I will thank God everyday for the opportunity to be there for them and my mother!  Here are some pics from the last two months since I have been on maternity leave.

 It would not be right if Chloe did not have mismatched PJs she picked on and was hovering over brother.
 Watching Toy Story
 Daddy took Chloe to the park and came back with freshly picked flowers (that were not meant to be picked!) for brother and I.
 Her two priorities. Brother and balancing my phone on brother so she can watch YouTube.
 Fur and tea parties.
Something about a fresh and clean baby.  I wish I could bottle up that smell and make a candle. Weird, I know!


  1. I can imagine making the decision to be a SAHM is a hard one. But everything you said is right. And you have to do what's best for your family. Daycare for two kids is expensive. We're definitely going to struggle. But we still need my income to get by everywhere else, so it is what it is. Good luck, mama!

  2. Being a SAHM is such a blessing! I know you will do well with it. I love so much about this – that she balances the phone on this tummy, her fur and tea parties, and the sweet little babe! I wish I could bottle that smell up too.