Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Three Months Old

Nicknames: Mase, Boo bear, Masey pants. I make them up as I go!
Weight: 13 pounds
Length: 22 inches

Sleep: Mase has been sleeping through the night since he was two months old.  He usually wakes up around 5 or 6 am and then goes back to sleep for a couple more hours.

Health: Still prone to diaper rashes and his circumcision started growing over.  Nothing that cannot be fixed though! 

Diet: Every couple hours right on the hour.  Still doing four ounces.

Loves:  He is really the happiest baby.  I remember really working hard to make Chloe smile  but with Mason, all I have to do is say one thing or smile at him and he is cheesing.  He loves to be talked to, sometimes he just stares at me waiting to be talked to.

Dislikes: Really no dislikes other waiting to eat.

Best Moments: He is starting to roll over.  He will get on his side and then start getting mad because he cannot get any further. Also, controlling his head is getting a lot easier for him. 

Worst Moment: There has not been any bad moments with my little boy. 

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Cooped up

You can't do much with a newborn in the summer so we have been cooped up in the house most of the summer.  It is a bummer I can't get Chloe out to the pool more often because she loves it but it is what it is.  We have found a few places to go inside where Chloe can play and have had to get a little creative finding things to do at the house.

We made homemade playdoh out of conditioner and cornstarch.  It called for equal parts but it definitely needed more cornstarch bc was really sticky.  The texture was really cool and Chloe loved it.  She is obsessed with playdoh and what she calls slime so it was right up her alley.  I would not recommend to keep this stuff because it was so messy and gets tracked all through the house.  Chloe's cousins came over and three kids with this stuff is an anxiety attack waiting to happen.  This is more of a one and done or hide it until you are ready to conquer this kind of mess below again.  One good thing: If your kid likes to put playdoh on their toys (as you can see from her doll above) , it cleans off super easy.

One thing Chloe loves doing is making a fort and acting like it is her little house.  We put her doll's bed and all her accessories in her fort and then I gave her my laptop like it was her TV and some snacks and she was occupied for a good hour.  

Something Chloe never gets tired of is sleepovers.  She has a  lot of girl cousins and they love coming over to spend the night and she loves having them.  I always regret it the first time they wake up the baby because it happens every time but Chloe loves it so it is worth it.

Chloe and Eric came home with this one day when I was pregnant and Chloe has been obsessed with is ever since.  She loves soaking her feet after a long day of playing.  Being a toddler is hard.

We got her a library card so she loves to check out books and have me read them a million and one times.  We also have went to their story time a couple of times and she really loves that.  They read to the kids and then do fun songs and activities.  It is a bonus it is not even five minutes away.

Now this one is definitely an activity that is not the funnest but it is apart of our life and somehow Chloe always seems to enjoy it.  With my mom having cancer, we take her to a lot of appointments and was just in the hospital for surgery so the hospital has become very familiar for my kids.  Chloe is always asking the nurses and doctors why they are doing something to Grandma and is just so curious.  She says she wants to me a doctor!  We always end up leaving with some type of syringe (empty of course) or surgical gloves or hat.  God has blessed me with some patient kids during these visits.  When my mom had surgery, we were up there everyday for two weeks and Chloe was so well behaved and weirdly liked it!  Mason of course is chill as usual.  
 Pallet on the floor.  Thank God for YouTube.
 She left the hospital like this and people's reactions were priceless.  Imagine seeing a toddler like this walking out a hospital!

Monday, July 18, 2016

Weekend Recap

This weekend was a special one.  We took Chloe swimming for the first time all summer, my aunt who I have not seen in 4 years came in town from California, and Mason has been trying to roll over. 

 On Saturday, we went to a water park for my cousin Aaliyah's birthday.  Chloe loves swimming and has been asking all summer to go but you can't do much with a new baby and Eric's work schedule is always crazy so we just have not been able to go. We decided to go ahead and take Mason.  Me being me, I had to have three fans for Mason but I still felt uneasy about it.  Not even five minutes into us being there, Mason started crying.  I know babies cry but Mason never cries, he just whines so I knew something was wrong and immediately knew it was the heat.  I think it was a mix of that and him being tired.  My cousins were making fun of me because I immediately started packing up and headed out to the car with him.  I don't care if they thought I was silly, I know my baby and he did not want to be in that heat!  Just as they say, "Listen to your body", I listen to my baby! 
As soon as I got the car cool, Mason was good and fell asleep.  As you can see below, I made a little tent in the car to block out the sun.  People were looking at me like I was crazy!  I ended up taking him to my aunt after about 30 minutes and came back to swim with Chloe and Eric which I am glad I did.  I love seeing Chloe in the water in her little life jacket and being able to have time with her and I know she enjoyed having all attention on her from mommy and daddy.
And then on Sunday, we had my Aunt Lynn who was in town from California, my dad, and my mom over.  Eric's dad ended up coming over too.  Chloe was loving it because she is obsessed with all of her grandparents.  She had never met my aunt on my dad's side and fell in love with her.  She kept saying, "I want you to stay forever!"  It was the cutest thing!
One reason Chloe is obsessed with my Dad is he lets her do his hair.  You can't tell really well but we did his hair in pigtails!
All weekend, Mason has been trying to roll over.  He will get to his side and then kick his legs and eventually starts getting pissed.  I do not remember Chloe doing all the things he is doing so quickly but he needs to slow down!  That is basically all we did all weekend.  It was a good one for sure!

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

SAHM Chronicles: Things I Have Learned so Far

Things I Have Learned so Far:

1.) It is a lot more challenging than I thought.  
When you have a child, you think about how the amount of love you have will make motherhood all sunshine and roses (at least I did).  This is kind of what I thought about starting my journey as a stay at home mom.  I had this idea in my head that I was going to start a morning and night routine and Chloe and I were going to have learning time everyday.  Everything I thought in my head was pretty delusional especially with a new baby.  Even though the love is what gets you through, it definitely is not all sunshine and roses.  

2.) Expectations are for the birds.  
Expecting to stick to a perfect schedule everyday is a recipe to be let down.  Like I said before, I had all kinds of plans on what I was going to do as a SAHM.  I even searched online schedules for a SAHM!  I definitely believe is having a schedule but what I also know is that kids and life is unpredictable.  As soon as you think you are going to get up at 5 am before the kids get up to workout and knock out your chores, either both kiddos decide to wake up or you simply just go back to sleep!

3.) Me time is either at the crack of dawn or at nightfall.
Staying up until all hours of the night or waking up before the sun are the times I get to just be by myself.  There is something in my brain that convinces me that staying up to catch up on Housewives or Grey's Anatomy is a good idea.  I do know what the something is, it is the fact that I know me time is nonexistent during the day so I better get it while I can!  And that somehow means more to me than the extra few hours of sleep I could get and need!

4.) You gotta let kids be kids.
Being with Chloe all day, I get to see her personality more and more and I realize how animated she is.  Let's be honest, the real word I want to use is loud.  She is loud, out of control, cannot seem to sit still for two seconds, and has the attention span of a fly.  But she is a kid and that is what kids do.  Of course I knew all of this before quitting my job but now I am around it ALL DAY LONG.  At first, I would tell her to calm down and then get frustrated when she is jumping on the couch one minute later but then I realized, she literally cannot calm down.  You only get to be truly free like that for a short time.   

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

The Fourth

Mason experienced his first Fourth of July and did so good!  I was nervous about him being scared but he really only got scared once.  He puckered his little bottom lip during the fireworks show but other than that, he was low key.  The very best part about the Fourth was the sleeping in we did the day after.  Both kids were wore out and besides a feeding at 5 am, we slept until 10:20!  I still felt like I could sleep some more though.. Holidays with kids really take everything out of you!

I am usually a freak about holidays and making sure everything is planned.  We rarely wing it but I have had so many family things going on lately that winging it was the only way!  We went to a carnival and then stopped at my mom's to do Chloe's fireworks.

I loved watching Chloe.  She is acting more and more like a kid and not a toddler.  The life in this child is so big and she wanted to do everything.  There were only so many rides she could ride but the ones she could, she rode multiple times.  Mason was just going with the flow like he always does.  So, it was a perfect day!