Thursday, July 21, 2016

Cooped up

You can't do much with a newborn in the summer so we have been cooped up in the house most of the summer.  It is a bummer I can't get Chloe out to the pool more often because she loves it but it is what it is.  We have found a few places to go inside where Chloe can play and have had to get a little creative finding things to do at the house.

We made homemade playdoh out of conditioner and cornstarch.  It called for equal parts but it definitely needed more cornstarch bc was really sticky.  The texture was really cool and Chloe loved it.  She is obsessed with playdoh and what she calls slime so it was right up her alley.  I would not recommend to keep this stuff because it was so messy and gets tracked all through the house.  Chloe's cousins came over and three kids with this stuff is an anxiety attack waiting to happen.  This is more of a one and done or hide it until you are ready to conquer this kind of mess below again.  One good thing: If your kid likes to put playdoh on their toys (as you can see from her doll above) , it cleans off super easy.

One thing Chloe loves doing is making a fort and acting like it is her little house.  We put her doll's bed and all her accessories in her fort and then I gave her my laptop like it was her TV and some snacks and she was occupied for a good hour.  

Something Chloe never gets tired of is sleepovers.  She has a  lot of girl cousins and they love coming over to spend the night and she loves having them.  I always regret it the first time they wake up the baby because it happens every time but Chloe loves it so it is worth it.

Chloe and Eric came home with this one day when I was pregnant and Chloe has been obsessed with is ever since.  She loves soaking her feet after a long day of playing.  Being a toddler is hard.

We got her a library card so she loves to check out books and have me read them a million and one times.  We also have went to their story time a couple of times and she really loves that.  They read to the kids and then do fun songs and activities.  It is a bonus it is not even five minutes away.

Now this one is definitely an activity that is not the funnest but it is apart of our life and somehow Chloe always seems to enjoy it.  With my mom having cancer, we take her to a lot of appointments and was just in the hospital for surgery so the hospital has become very familiar for my kids.  Chloe is always asking the nurses and doctors why they are doing something to Grandma and is just so curious.  She says she wants to me a doctor!  We always end up leaving with some type of syringe (empty of course) or surgical gloves or hat.  God has blessed me with some patient kids during these visits.  When my mom had surgery, we were up there everyday for two weeks and Chloe was so well behaved and weirdly liked it!  Mason of course is chill as usual.  
 Pallet on the floor.  Thank God for YouTube.
 She left the hospital like this and people's reactions were priceless.  Imagine seeing a toddler like this walking out a hospital!

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  1. This was definitely me last summer. Except adding in your mom's illness and all the hospital visits would be so overwhelming. I don't know how you're managing all of that. How is your mom after the surgery?