Wednesday, July 6, 2016

The Fourth

Mason experienced his first Fourth of July and did so good!  I was nervous about him being scared but he really only got scared once.  He puckered his little bottom lip during the fireworks show but other than that, he was low key.  The very best part about the Fourth was the sleeping in we did the day after.  Both kids were wore out and besides a feeding at 5 am, we slept until 10:20!  I still felt like I could sleep some more though.. Holidays with kids really take everything out of you!

I am usually a freak about holidays and making sure everything is planned.  We rarely wing it but I have had so many family things going on lately that winging it was the only way!  We went to a carnival and then stopped at my mom's to do Chloe's fireworks.

I loved watching Chloe.  She is acting more and more like a kid and not a toddler.  The life in this child is so big and she wanted to do everything.  There were only so many rides she could ride but the ones she could, she rode multiple times.  Mason was just going with the flow like he always does.  So, it was a perfect day!

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  1. I'm glad you had a great holiday! Your cuties look like they enjoyed it too!