Wednesday, August 24, 2016

DIY Crystals

I wanted to share a DIY/craft Chloe and I did last week that made me want to do it again which never happens.  Trying to get it done, I did not make what we called our Elsa Snowflake straight but it still turned out pretty cool!  I of course found it on Pinterest on this website here. The only thing you might not have is the Borax which is found in the laundry isle.  You also need:

Pipe Cleaner
2 cups water
Pencil or chopstick

You boil 4 cups of water, pour it in a cup and add 6 Tbs of Borax. Once that is dissolved, you use a pipe cleaner and put it in the shape you want the crystal to be and then wrap a string around it.  Attach the string to either a chopstick or pencil so it will hang over the cup.  You just let it sit all night and you have a crystal in the morning!  I just used a pink pipe cleaner to make it this color or you could use food coloring if you do not have colored pipe cleaner.  

Monday, August 22, 2016

Weekend Recap

Good ol' Monday is back and as usual, I am not ready for her yet.  I am grateful for another fresh start though even if I am going to have to force myself to do anything that requires effort.  We had the best weekend so here is our little recap. 

We did not do much Friday other than go grocery shopping and went to my mom's to help her clean her house. Saturday, we went to a birthday party at a Bounce House place called Giggles and Jiggles.  Eric and I had dirty thoughts when we heard the name, kinda sounds like a strip club.  Besides that and the fire alarm going off, it was pretty cool and there was tons of bounce houses.  Chloe had a blast and it was so cute because all the kids stuck together in a little group together.  Usually they all spread out and just go, go, go with not enough time to wait on the next kid.   As Chloe played, Mason sat there with his fist in his mouth the entire time and did not make a peep.  Just as content as can be!

After the party, we went to the mall to look for some tennis shoes for Chloe and finished up her Fall/Winter clothes shopping.  We ended up getting the ones below.  Once we got home around 7, Chloe was knocked out and I got Mason to sleep shortly after that so Eric and I got some alone time which is rare since he works all the time.

Times like this make me regret not getting a double stroller.  Kids can play for hours and hours but when it comes down to walking, their legs and knees all of a sudden hurt!

Sunday was a lazy day and we just hung out.  Mason has been really fussy the last week because he has a tooth that is coming in already and I could not get much done because he wanted me holding him at all times.  He never cries but once nighttime came, he just boo hooed and then finally went to sleep.

And I got these cute pics above of my little man.  

This week is a busy one and lots of appointments for my mom and I so being an adult is in full effect,  Wish me luck!

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

When They Try to Become a Kid on You

I have been noticing lately that Chloe is slowly transitioning out of the toddler stage and trying to become a "kid."   When she says certain things or does certain things that screams kid and I want to cry, I remember the sweet part of these bittersweet moments.  I remember that she is meant to grow and prosper which she does literally everyday.

I bought some beads to make bracelets with her at the Dollar Tree and we made them last night and she was such a big girl about it and the convo dialogue between us really had me going.  It really hit me that she is becoming a big girl.  The first thing that got me was how good she was at putting these beads on the strings.  It is not that I didn't have faith in her to do it but when you do new activities with your child, you just expect you have to show them how to do it.

 There was a few times when I was trying to tie the bracelets and all the beads came off.  I let out a sigh and Chloe just kept saying with this little smile, "It is okay mommy, you did it on accident."  And saying things like, "This is tricky!" had me cracking up.  And she kept taking charge telling me to do Ayanna's while she does Adrianna's (her cousins).  I was more of her assistant bracelet maker and she was in charge.  I can see poor Mason being bossed around by this one in the future.

I am starting to get a little preview of what her personality is going to be like since she is getting older and it is a hoot.  Like everyone who has ever been around Chloe, I see so much fire in her.  She is definitely my little firecracker and although it can get challenging, I love that about her.  When she gets to talking, she does not stop and will literally go on for hours.  My aunt always says, "There goes motor mouth!" once she gets started.  She has sooooo much to say and makes me proud.

And then there is her little body growing almost as big as her personality.  It is so sad but so cute to see their little bodies transform and they seem to do it overnight.  One day you just look at them doing whatever they are doing (in Chloe's case, probably flipping around) and they just look big and you think, "When did this happen and can I get a warning next time?"  

Being in this moment and all in my feelings, I realize even more just how important my job is as her mother and how every little thing I do and show her can help mold who she is.  No pressure at all!  I am being sarcastic but as I type this, I do not feel pressure but I feel empowered to keep showing her right from wrong and teaching her lessons as she teaches me lessons.  Obviously as a mother, you do everything you can to show them a good example but sometimes we get caught up in life or we simply just do not see things we do or say that could have a negative affect in their mind.  But without the shortcomings that I see as the times I have failed in my mind, those moments/lessons are still there for a reason and I am a firm believer that these things also mold who you are.  Even with the things I have "failed" at so far when it comes to Chloe, she still has transformed into this little girl that is full of life and most of all love.  And that is all I can ask for!

Thursday, August 4, 2016

Brother, Sister Love

Ever since Mason was born, Chloe has had this obsession with him.  I have to really watch her around her brother because she gets a little too excited but I love how she gets so excited.

 This is when Chloe first met her brother and this mischievous grin explains how she is with him.  Them meeting is probably the best moment I have had on this earth because she was so in awe of him and kept saying how cute he was.  I remember thinking what such an angel she was being until she decided to hit him on his 2nd day alive.  That was my first dose of sibling fighting and I was so shocked but then I thought about how it probably will not be the last time.  I know there will be many sibling fights in the future.  But for now, it is mostly lovings,

The first month, all she wanted to do was hold him and be RIGHT THERE.  I loved this but I could tell a lot of it had to do with her making it known she was still here and it was not all about baby brother.

Chloe is definitely my wild child and has always been since day one,  Mason on the other hand has been low key and just goes with the flow.  So, I can see them in the future.  Chloe will be the bossy big sister telling Mason he is going to play the Ken doll and him just going along with it.  

Seeing your kids together is the best sight to see.  I love seeing Chloe be a big sister and she knows she is believe me.  And Mason will just stare at her and smile when his sister is being a ham which is pretty much all the time.  I feel so blessed to get to call these two mine!

Monday, August 1, 2016

Weekend Shots, Hair Braiding, and Post Prego Weight Loss

Happy Monday!  Our weekend was pretty low key.  Eric was working most of the weekend so it was mainly just the kids and I.  I do not know what is wrong with me but I don't grab for my camera as much so I really did not get that many pictures but I wanted to share the ones I did get and then also my progress with the baby weight.
 I FINALLY was ablel to do a french braid on Chloe's hair!  I have been practicing for months!  Literally!  People make it look so easy.  I do not know if it is just me but I just could not get it.  I try to practice a little but everyday on Chloe.  I give her my phone because somehow YouTube videos make the pain go away when getting your hair done and she lets me practice on her!  I LOVE braids on little girls so I am so excited to experiment some more and do some fun hairstyles.  Chloe's hair is so curly and get so so tangled and in the way when she is playing so braiding will make it a lot easier to get it out the way and tame it somewhat.  I was thinking about doing a post all about Chloe's curly hair so I can't wait to get some good pics of her upcoming new braids!

Mason's face in this picture makes me all fuzzy inside.  He looks so excited!  That is how most of us feel about this filter.

 Daddy admiring his boy. 
So, Mason has been putting his hands around his bottle and pulling it towards him.  If I let go, he will only hold it for a few seconds but it is really amazing me how he has such a good grip so early on and how he pulls it in his mouth on his own.  He seems so advanced to me but I am partial!
 My sweet girl on her pigtails.
 Chloe playing with her brudder,  She is so obsessed with him.
Riding with grandma.  She loves taking grandma to the store so she can ride along.  BTW, if you see my mom at Walmart, watch out!  This woman cannot drive these things. 
I weighed myself this weekend and I am down to 133 which is basically my pre-pregnancy weight, Boy was I happy to see that!  When I was at the end of my pregnancy, I was at about 172 and then about a week postpartum, I was down to 150.  I have not been pressuring myself this time around and have really been enjoying the process and am gonna try to get down to 125 which I think is a good weight for me.  I have been doing intermittent fasting and I feel like that is really what has been working for me.  I fast for 16 hours and allow 8 hours where I can eat but I still stay within 1200 calories.  This has been helping tremendously because I try to hold off on eating until 1 pm.  I am a volume eater so this allows me more food in one meal since I have not had any calories all morning except my creamer for my coffee.  Not putting a lot of pressure on myself is probably the number one thing that has helped me.  I don't get stressed about it and I am not super strict.  If I go over 1200 calories, I don't feel bad.  And if I miss a workout, I don't feel bad.  I keep in mind what my body went through to get where it is at and that alone makes me feel awesome when I see progress in my body.