Thursday, August 4, 2016

Brother, Sister Love

Ever since Mason was born, Chloe has had this obsession with him.  I have to really watch her around her brother because she gets a little too excited but I love how she gets so excited.

 This is when Chloe first met her brother and this mischievous grin explains how she is with him.  Them meeting is probably the best moment I have had on this earth because she was so in awe of him and kept saying how cute he was.  I remember thinking what such an angel she was being until she decided to hit him on his 2nd day alive.  That was my first dose of sibling fighting and I was so shocked but then I thought about how it probably will not be the last time.  I know there will be many sibling fights in the future.  But for now, it is mostly lovings,

The first month, all she wanted to do was hold him and be RIGHT THERE.  I loved this but I could tell a lot of it had to do with her making it known she was still here and it was not all about baby brother.

Chloe is definitely my wild child and has always been since day one,  Mason on the other hand has been low key and just goes with the flow.  So, I can see them in the future.  Chloe will be the bossy big sister telling Mason he is going to play the Ken doll and him just going along with it.  

Seeing your kids together is the best sight to see.  I love seeing Chloe be a big sister and she knows she is believe me.  And Mason will just stare at her and smile when his sister is being a ham which is pretty much all the time.  I feel so blessed to get to call these two mine!

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