Wednesday, August 24, 2016

DIY Crystals

I wanted to share a DIY/craft Chloe and I did last week that made me want to do it again which never happens.  Trying to get it done, I did not make what we called our Elsa Snowflake straight but it still turned out pretty cool!  I of course found it on Pinterest on this website here. The only thing you might not have is the Borax which is found in the laundry isle.  You also need:

Pipe Cleaner
2 cups water
Pencil or chopstick

You boil 4 cups of water, pour it in a cup and add 6 Tbs of Borax. Once that is dissolved, you use a pipe cleaner and put it in the shape you want the crystal to be and then wrap a string around it.  Attach the string to either a chopstick or pencil so it will hang over the cup.  You just let it sit all night and you have a crystal in the morning!  I just used a pink pipe cleaner to make it this color or you could use food coloring if you do not have colored pipe cleaner.  

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