Monday, August 22, 2016

Weekend Recap

Good ol' Monday is back and as usual, I am not ready for her yet.  I am grateful for another fresh start though even if I am going to have to force myself to do anything that requires effort.  We had the best weekend so here is our little recap. 

We did not do much Friday other than go grocery shopping and went to my mom's to help her clean her house. Saturday, we went to a birthday party at a Bounce House place called Giggles and Jiggles.  Eric and I had dirty thoughts when we heard the name, kinda sounds like a strip club.  Besides that and the fire alarm going off, it was pretty cool and there was tons of bounce houses.  Chloe had a blast and it was so cute because all the kids stuck together in a little group together.  Usually they all spread out and just go, go, go with not enough time to wait on the next kid.   As Chloe played, Mason sat there with his fist in his mouth the entire time and did not make a peep.  Just as content as can be!

After the party, we went to the mall to look for some tennis shoes for Chloe and finished up her Fall/Winter clothes shopping.  We ended up getting the ones below.  Once we got home around 7, Chloe was knocked out and I got Mason to sleep shortly after that so Eric and I got some alone time which is rare since he works all the time.

Times like this make me regret not getting a double stroller.  Kids can play for hours and hours but when it comes down to walking, their legs and knees all of a sudden hurt!

Sunday was a lazy day and we just hung out.  Mason has been really fussy the last week because he has a tooth that is coming in already and I could not get much done because he wanted me holding him at all times.  He never cries but once nighttime came, he just boo hooed and then finally went to sleep.

And I got these cute pics above of my little man.  

This week is a busy one and lots of appointments for my mom and I so being an adult is in full effect,  Wish me luck!

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