Tuesday, August 16, 2016

When They Try to Become a Kid on You

I have been noticing lately that Chloe is slowly transitioning out of the toddler stage and trying to become a "kid."   When she says certain things or does certain things that screams kid and I want to cry, I remember the sweet part of these bittersweet moments.  I remember that she is meant to grow and prosper which she does literally everyday.

I bought some beads to make bracelets with her at the Dollar Tree and we made them last night and she was such a big girl about it and the convo dialogue between us really had me going.  It really hit me that she is becoming a big girl.  The first thing that got me was how good she was at putting these beads on the strings.  It is not that I didn't have faith in her to do it but when you do new activities with your child, you just expect you have to show them how to do it.

 There was a few times when I was trying to tie the bracelets and all the beads came off.  I let out a sigh and Chloe just kept saying with this little smile, "It is okay mommy, you did it on accident."  And saying things like, "This is tricky!" had me cracking up.  And she kept taking charge telling me to do Ayanna's while she does Adrianna's (her cousins).  I was more of her assistant bracelet maker and she was in charge.  I can see poor Mason being bossed around by this one in the future.

I am starting to get a little preview of what her personality is going to be like since she is getting older and it is a hoot.  Like everyone who has ever been around Chloe, I see so much fire in her.  She is definitely my little firecracker and although it can get challenging, I love that about her.  When she gets to talking, she does not stop and will literally go on for hours.  My aunt always says, "There goes motor mouth!" once she gets started.  She has sooooo much to say and makes me proud.

And then there is her little body growing almost as big as her personality.  It is so sad but so cute to see their little bodies transform and they seem to do it overnight.  One day you just look at them doing whatever they are doing (in Chloe's case, probably flipping around) and they just look big and you think, "When did this happen and can I get a warning next time?"  

Being in this moment and all in my feelings, I realize even more just how important my job is as her mother and how every little thing I do and show her can help mold who she is.  No pressure at all!  I am being sarcastic but as I type this, I do not feel pressure but I feel empowered to keep showing her right from wrong and teaching her lessons as she teaches me lessons.  Obviously as a mother, you do everything you can to show them a good example but sometimes we get caught up in life or we simply just do not see things we do or say that could have a negative affect in their mind.  But without the shortcomings that I see as the times I have failed in my mind, those moments/lessons are still there for a reason and I am a firm believer that these things also mold who you are.  Even with the things I have "failed" at so far when it comes to Chloe, she still has transformed into this little girl that is full of life and most of all love.  And that is all I can ask for!

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