Wednesday, April 5, 2017

My Boy aka Bubsy

Don't get me wrong, I love having a girl but experiencing a boy is magical also.  I am so blessed to get to experience both a girl and a boy.  This boy literally melts my heart 100 plus times a day.   When I was pregnant, I was not quite sure how I would handle having another child because my mom was diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer when I was only a few months along.  Once he was born, I knew it was the best thing to happen at that time and he was a gift sent from heaven.  Something about a new baby makes everyone happy no matter the circumstance and he was happiness for not only me but my whole family.  And boy did my mom love him!  

I have not blogged in so long, I have not posted all of his milestones like I got to with Chloe so I wanted to make a post  so I can have this to look back on.  He is eleven months now so it is long overdue.  

Mason is so much more active than I remember Chloe being.  He learned how to crawl at five months and I shit you not, he was climbing on his toys and standing on them.  At first, he did not want to have anything to do with walking.  I would stand him up and put my arms out to walk to me and he would and that was between 9 and 10 months but he would never do it on his own.  It was just too convenient to crawl and too much of an inconvenient to learn something new.  If it ain't broke, don't fix it right?!  But at 11 months, he decided to try this walking thing out and it is now it primary source of mobility!  It cracks me up, he will just walk  through the hallway with his toys in hand or a snack or bottle like he owns the place.  I love it!

One thing he loves is water.  If he hears the bath running, he will jet to the bathroom.  He loved it from day one.  I gave him a bath in the sink the other day because he was fussy.  I was about to cook dinner so I thought I would make him happy really quick so I could cook dinner without him on my leg.  It didn't work because as soon as I took him out, he was mad and wanted back in!

Another love of his is food.  This boy loves the eat.  This is a breath of fresh air since Chloe has a select list if food she will eat and it is a small one.  Is can't just be me but seeing your child eat and enjoy it makes me happy and makes me feel a good mom.  His favorites are peas, bananas, Lucky Charms, fries, baby cheetos, sweet potatoes, and really anything he can put in his mouth.  He attacked Chloe for her sucker when we were at the bank the other day and actually got a hold of it twice.  

A new thing that has been going on with him is his little temper.  I don't know if I would call it a temper but he gets so mad when he can't have what he wants.  Whether it is a toy, that sucker he wanted from his sissy, or not being able to go to the stairs, he doesn't mind making it known he doesn't like it.
  Even though he has a little attitude, he is the sweetest little boy and he loves his momma like no other.  When he falls, he looks to momma to comfort him.  We picked him up from staying all night with his Aunt and as soon as he saw me, he immediately started crying for me and had this look like where have you been?!  He will give me kisses one after another.

Our family feels so complete with our little Bubsy as we call him.  I always have said that I cannot believe how fast Chloe has grown but I can't remember like without her and I feel the exact same way about Mason.  


  1. What a sweet little blessing Mason has been to your family! He is absolutely precious. Loved catching up and reading about your family. I'm sorry to hear about your mom's colon cancer. My Grandmother had cancer in the same place. Big hugs!

    1. He really has and is the best blessing! Thank you and big hugs accepted!!!!!