Wednesday, May 24, 2017

The BIG One!

Somehow this child has been on this earth for a whole year.  It went by so fast but I can't remember life without him.

On his actual birthday, we took the kids to a kids gym with all kinds of swings, a zipline, trampoline, and lots of other fun activities.  They had a blast and Chloe even said it was better than the real park.  That is saying something because she is a park feen.
We celebrated his birthday that Sunday and went to an inside water park called Coco Keys here in Kansas City,  The kid loves water so we thought he would love it but we were so wrong.  I think he was confused as to why the water was not warm and why it was flying all over the place!  It did not help that he got splashed the first 10 minutes we were there!  He finally warmed up after a couple hours and just cruised around the lazy river with his daddy. 

We really had the best time and were there for about 6 hours.  The best part was that they were worn out by the time we got home and even slept in a little the next day!

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